Casas por Cristo -  Short term mission  - Emmanuel Park Guatemala, July 2013
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First Presbyterian Church  Haddonfield, New Jersy, USA.



 Casas por Cristo relies on the labor and resources of full time staff missionaries, a board of over 100 pastors and
community leaders from Juárez and Acuña, México and San Raimundo, Guatemala and nearly 7,000 annual
volunteers from across North America. Through these cross-cultural partnerships, volunteer teams are
presented with an amazing opportunity to build a home for a family in need.

In just one week teams transform an otherwise empty lot into a safe and secure home - complete with
cement foundation, electricity, windows and doors.
As a result of this experience, each family receives a tangible symbol of the
faithfulness and unconditional love of Jesus Christ.
As volunteers gain perspective on the extreme poverty that exists in our world,
so do these families better understand God's plan for their lives and
His deep desire to take care of their needs.
En el año 2013 contamos con la bendición de servirles a nuestros hermanos de
First Presbyterian Church Haddonfield New Jersy, USA.
Este fue un evento muy especial ya que esta es una de las primeras iglesias Cristianas
fundadas en el nuevo continente America.

Fundada en 1721 por misioneros ingleses cuáqueros
quienes fueron verdaderos Coroneles de Dios y valientemente trajeron el evangelio genuino
a este continente. Y 292 años después continuando con la visión misionera, nuestros
hermanos de First Presbyterian Church Haddonfield vinieron a Guatemala trayendo
el mensaje de salvación y misericordia para todos
nuestros hermanos Guatemaltecos, y al mismo tiempo construyeron 8 casas
para personas necesitadas. Nos llenó de alegría atender a estos misioneros
que sin duda han sido bendecidos por Dios y que siguen fieles al
mandato de Yeshua de ir por todo el mundo llevando el evangelio a toda criatura.

History Fisrt Presbyterian Church


In 1622, Francis Collins, an English Quaker, became the first European settler in what is now Haddonfield.

The area’s first Presbyterian church was established in Woodbury in 1721,

only 23 years after the nation’s first Presbyterian church was founded in Philadelphia, PA.

In 1858, Presbyterian worship services began in Haddonfield’s Town Hall.

Shortly after, worshippers presented a petition to the Presbytery of

West Jersey to arrange for a regular minister to lead their services.


But their plans to organize a church were put on hold due to the Civil War.

 After fighting ceased and the country’s reconstruction began,

36 Haddonfield worshippers finally prepared, signed, and presented

their petition to the Presbytery in 1871. The town’s first pastor

began his ministry in 1873.

The church has undergone many changes since those initial worship services.

In 1906, Henry D. and Mary Moore financed the present building as a memorial to their son,

Gilbert Henry Moore. The three large stained glass windows in the sanctuary

were designed and constructed by Tiffany & Co. Beside the chancel,

the first window depicts the Soldier of Christ, who is receiving a crown

for his good deeds during his lifetime;

St. Peter, to his right, holds a scroll listing those deeds.

The second window shows Christ in the Temple with the Elders.

 The Resurrection Window is in the balcony.

These windows are one of Haddonfield's greatest treasures.


The congregation has been blessed with the leadership of many

accomplished pastors—most notably,

Dr. Bryant Kirkland, who later became senior pastor of the historic

Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church in New York City.

Throughout its history, First Presbyterian Church,

 Haddonfield has made substantial contributions to the area,

including the organization of eight local Presbyterian churches.

Community outreach continues through the current church family,

who prioritize mission and giving to those in greatest need.